1. How can I load the tweet file to AutoTweeterPro ?

Download the sample tweet file  , save the file in any location of your choice.
Edit the contents inside using microsoft office or open office program.Please note that AutotweeterPro takes the tweets from the first worksheet of the tweet file.The sample tweet file contains some sample tweets,you can add/edit more tweets to it.You can even create as many excel files as you want.The only thing to remember is that all the tweets should be entered in the first column of the first sheet in the excel file.

You can load the tweet file by clicking the button as shown in the image below.

sample autotweet file

2. What is a tweet file ?

A tweet file is a simple excel file , in which you can store the tweets which are to be autotweeted using AutoTweeterPro.Below is how the sample excel tweet file looks.Note that you should save the tweets in the first sheet of the excel file.

sample excel tweet file.