Employ me in your organization

I hope you liked my software.If you are an organization in US or Canada which needs IT skills like below but not limited to 
  • computer programming.
  • design websites for your business.
  • setting up organization emails.
  • setting up computer networks.
  • developing in house software.
  • maintaining the current software.
  • setting up your IT infrastructure.
  • social media marketing softwares like Autotweeter or TwitterAutofollower
Employ me in a full time permanent position. I am not a citizen of US , but I am legally authorized to work in US under work visa ( H1B ). My attorney will do the necessary legal paperwork required for me to work with your organization and I will pay all the legal fees required to do this. 

All I need to work for you is your willingness and job offer from your organization. Your organization should be a registered company in US or Canada. I am residing in US and you can call me at +1 913-549-0465 to discuss further. I can join your organization within a month's time once I get a job offer.

I am willing to relocate to any location in US or Canada where your job requirement is. I am sure I will be an asset your organization no matter how big or small your business is and will help you succeed in all things IT for your organization. 

As for my IT skills :  You can see my reputation on stackoverflow here.

Some of educational qualifications : 

4 years of full time course with Bachelor's Engineering degree in Computer Science & Technology.
8 years of IT experience in various organizations around the world.
Can read/write/speak :  English , Malayalam , Hindi , [  Arabic & French ( basic proficiency ) ].

Call me at +1 913 549 0465 to know more about me.

Thank you for your time.