TweetAdder blocked by Twitter. AutotweeterPro sails strong !

posted May 27, 2015, 6:44 PM by tito c   [ updated May 27, 2015, 6:54 PM ]

Many times our customers have asked us , why is that you cannot do something like TweetAdder , its so easy to setup twitter account with TweetAdder. Now you have an answer , technically TweetAdder used a unique key to talk to twitter and twitter blocked that key of TweetAdder and thus blocking its entire customer base of TweetAdder.

So what makes AutotweeterPro sail strong ? The answer is very simple , AutotweeterPro do not use a unique key. We ask our customers to create their own unique keys. We know its takes around 3 minutes to setup AutotweeterPro with your twitter account , but its worth the effort. 

You will never get blocked by twitter using AutotweeterPro. Another reason why you want to prefer AutotweeterPro over TweetAdder is that we use non-spammy organic and natural looking algorithm techniques to send out your scheduled tweets. 
It was engineering feat to achieve this , but it paid out finally. AutotweeterPro is guaranteed to work always and never gets blocked by twitter.

So here you have the very best alternative to TweetAdder. We welcome TweetAdder customers who have been affected by TweetAdded block issues to try out AutotweeterPro and feel the difference. We are not a huge company and is run by two individuals who have a day job. That does not mean that we do not offer support or our software is of bad quality. Our software is our baby and we have configured support email account in our phones so that we can give you support at anytime , except when we are sleeping.

AutotweeterPro version 4 released

posted Dec 1, 2013, 11:46 AM by tito c

It is a happy moment for me to announce the AutotweeterPro version 4. This version is very special because , I have removed the excel sheet tweeting option. There is a new screen called Manage Tweets where you can add/update/delete the autotweets.Many of my customers were not using excel sheet because of expensive microsoft office license.Now everyone can use AutotweeterPro without an excel sheet. The main features are listed below.

1. No more excel sheet needed to preset the autotweets , "You can manage autotweets using the Manage Autotweets window now.
2. All the autotweets will be send out in a random manner rather than a sequential manner.
3. User friendly icons added.
4. Twitter account verification and validation features added to help users connect their twitter account with AutotweeterPro.
5. Various number of bug fixes and friendly error messages for users.

AutotweeterPro wins the race handsdown

posted Oct 3, 2013, 8:42 PM by tito c

We have conducted a recent survey with our existing customer base, most of our customers use one or more social media management tools for their business.Many are using some of our competitor softwares too.Even though they use many softwares which are advanced and have many more features, they simply love AutotweeterPro for its simplicity in scheduling the tweets.

One of the customer's say " AutotweeterPro simply works"  , I setup tweets in an excel sheets and thats it. 

Many of the online and advanced softwares requires you to undergo a certain level of configurations before you can schedule your tweets and most of them imposes a limit on the number of autotweets that you can sent or even on the number of schedules for a day. AutotweeterPro wins hands down in these cases.Sending automated tweets is as easy as setting up future tweets in an excel sheet and you are ready !

Mandatory upgrade of AutotweeterPro - new version released on 06/16/2013

posted Jun 16, 2013, 6:54 PM by tito c

As you might know , twitter has made a lot of changes to their third party API since month of June. All users of AutotweeterPro will see a message as below :

{"errors}:[{"message":"The Twitter REST APIv1 is no longer active. Please migrate to APIv1.1.", "code":69}]}

We have updated AutotweeterPro to work with the new changes made by twitter , All the existing installation of AutotweeterPro in your computers will stop working. You will have to download the updated version from our website. See the sidebar in this page to download AutotweeterPro. 

Please note that this upgrade is free and existing paid customers need not pay any charges. Here are the steps for doing the update. 

Steps to update.

1. Take a copy of the existing excel sheet in which you have the tweets into some other folder.

2. Take a copy of the file into some other folder.

[ for select customers who have a file atp.lic , please take a backup of the atp.lic file into some other folder,not all customers have this file,so do not worry if you do not have this file ]

3. Now simply delete the entire folder where the old AutotweeterPro exists.There is no un-installation,simply deleting the folder will remove AutotweeterPro from your computer.

4. Download the new version from  , fill the download form and the download link will be emailed to you.Download version by clicking the download link.

5. Extract the AutotweeterProSetup.exe into any folder of your choice.

6. Now replace the backed up excel sheet , file , and atp.lic ( if you have one ) to the newly installed AutotweeterPro folder.

7. Now click StartAutotweeterPro.exe blue icon.

8. Your upgrade is complete.

For full version customers, there is no registration to full version needed , if you are using the new version in the same computer you have registered the old version.

Keyword based searching & marketing technique in twitter

posted Dec 19, 2012, 11:00 PM by tito c

Twitter is one of the most popular social media websites right now. Commanding millions of users, the micro-blogging site has become an active hub of breaking news, live updates as well as effective and focused marketing. Brands are increasingly using Twitter to focus their latest offerings and products to selected groups. This is because with millions of users hooked up to the network, if any tweet goes viral, it is picked up by the users instantly and starts doing rounds on the website. All a brand needs to do is to entice users by dishing out interesting tweets which may pique them.

To effectively market your products on Twitter, you can make use of a number of techniques. Among these is the intelligent manipulation of keywords on the website. With the help of keywords, not only can you find the relevant information but can also push out your own tweets to the relevant audience.

For instance, if you are a company that resells Nike shoes, you can type ‘Nike’ in the search bar on Twitter and hit enter. This will bring you all the mentions of the word ‘Nike’ on Twitter, happening in real-time. You will be able to monitor what users are interested in talking about or knowing about Nike, what users make use of Nike shoes, which of them are hooked up to other Nike products and so on and so forth.

With just a simple keyword search, you are able to track down a huge number of such users who make the perfect audience for your product or brand. You can then curate tweets based on this. The tweets must be interesting and engaging – and you can make use of the same keyword. This way, when another user searches the said keyword, he is presented with your tweet too.

Moreover, if your tweet is interesting, users start retweeting and sharing it. This way, it becomes popular and is displayed among the top results of a given keyword. Using the same example as before, if you send a tweet which contains the word ‘Nike shoes’ and the tweet is interesting and is actively shared on the website, it is included in the top tweets related to ‘Nike’ or ‘shoes.’ Now if a person searches Twitter for either of these keywords, he will find your tweet among the top tweet results. This way, you will be able to ‘market’ your product to the very persons who are looking up your brand through Twitter search.

A number of third-party apps also send you out automatic tweets. You can couple this with an app that tracks certain keywords related to your business or brand. By using the two in conjunction, you can then send automatic tweets to such users who mention the selected keywords. This way, you are able to reach every single user who may be relevant to your business.

Such focused targeting has yielded results for many businesses. However, you must ensure that a user who is receiving your tweet doesn’t feel like he is receiving spam because that instantly ruins the reputation of your brand on Twitter. 

Tweet Archivist and AutotweeterPro - a powerful combination !

posted Dec 6, 2012, 6:34 AM by tito c

AutotweeterPro tweets from an excel file ,  TweetArchivist lets you search and archive tweets into an excel file. So if you are a marketing personnel who want to market Christmas gifting ideas , use TweetArchivist to search and add the tweets which contains "Christmas gifting ideas" and then download the results as an excel sheet , now input this excel sheet into AutotweeterPro and it becomes a powerful marketing recipe !   

TweetArchivist is an online application and you can access it from here -

Tweet scheduling and its advantage in marketing.

posted Nov 27, 2012, 3:17 AM by tito c

Twitter is fast becoming the central hub of marketing in the world of social media. Given the immense popularity of the micro-blogging website, it is no wonder that brands and companies are lining up to have their sponsored ads dished out in 140 characters.

While there is certainly a lot of potential for a brand to gain traction, and a lot of followers, through Twitter, the right tools have to be used to accomplish this. And this is where the role of automated tools for twitter marketing comes in.

If you manually try to build an audience on Twitter, it can take a whole lot of time. You will need one person wholly dedicated to the task which is a rather inefficient use of resources. With automated tools, though, you simply have to provide initial details and your preferences and the tools do the rest of the work.

Typically, when using automated tools for twitter marketing, you have a dashboard from where you direct your marketing campaigns. A number of such tools are available online, such as Hootsuite, Bufferapp , AutotweeterPro etc. With these tools, you are able to gather content from multiple sources, such as your blogs, websites etc and direct them to your Twitter profile.

For instance, an automated tools-suite can automatically generate and tweet every time you post a new entry on your blog, including a link to the very post. This not only makes the use of automated tools very time-saving but also helps you focus the right content at your Twitter audience and help succeed your marketing campaigns. 

Marketing brands on twitter using automation techniques

posted Nov 27, 2012, 3:15 AM by tito c

Twitter is one of the major social networks on the web right now and in terms of real-time interactions, it even beats the social media giant, Facebook. Given its nature, interactions as well as marketing is far more quick and efficient on Twitter. If a tweet is interesting and catchy, it starts doing rounds on Twitter in no time.

Given this nature of Twitter, the platform is perfect for brand advertisement and marketing. However, there are certain pre-requisites before you reach a point where you can effectively market your brand on the site. For instance, you need a lot of followers. And though there are ways to buy fake followers on Twitter, that’s certainly not worth it.

You need to get real followers and to achieve that, you will have to tweet such content which is interesting, occasionally funny and all the same, captures the interests of other users. You also need to interact with others users often. Retweet relevant content, mention other users and talk to them about your brand.

Use of hashtags is also critically important. It is like a shortcut to make your content rival. Generate an interesting hashtag and it goes viral in no time. And if you are the one to start it, you get a huge number of mentions and retweets, which would mean more exposure for your brand and more followers. These techniques will help you expand the scope of your audience on Twitter and thus, get the word about your brand to a greater number of people. 

Advantages of Automating tweets.

posted Nov 27, 2012, 3:14 AM by tito c

One of the critical problems with brand advertisement and marketing on Twitter is that it requires a whole lot of time. If you don’t use automated tools, you may have to dedicate a person who will have to attend to the social media marketing.

However, there are ways of avoiding such inefficient use of resources. Rather than have a person manually upload each update on Twitter every few minutes or so, you can use different tools which allow autotweeting. Usually, you have to make use of a bot for autotweeting, who then automatically publishes tweets on your behalf.

You can set definite time at which the bot should tweet, the exact content that it should tweet and so on and forth. By assigning definite tasks to the bot, you essentially control what content it tweets yet don’t have to spend hours on Twitter yourself.

For instance, you can use autotweeting to tweet a ‘Good Morning’ message twice a day, once when it is morning in the Pacific region and next, when the sun dawns in the other half of the world. This way, users from all across the globe will be able to relate with your tweets.

It will also make your Twitter account look prolific and active. You can also assign the bot to autotweet certain quotes, figures and statistics and similar other information related to your brand at regular intervals through a day or a week. This ensures that interesting content is regularly dished out from your Twitter account.

Bulk follow people on twitter using automatic follow tools

posted Nov 27, 2012, 3:11 AM by tito c

Given the significant of Twitter in the social media, using it to market and advertise your products can be very advantageous for your brand. However, you need to have a fair-sized audience before you are able to do so.

To garner followers on Twitter, you must follow a few cardinal rules. Tweet interesting and engrossing content, interact with people who follow you often and try to use the trending hashtags once in a while. Moreover, the one rule that you must never forget is that try to follow every person who follows you.

The very reason you should do so is that when you follow a person, he knows that you wish to interact with him and he is cognizant of the fact. However, following back all such people who follow you on Twitter can be a problem. That is why the role of automated follow tools come in.

Twitter allows third-party apps to perform mass follow-back on a given profile by making use of its API. This means that with the help of automated tools, you can only follow such people in bulk who are following you. In this way, you keep make sure that you are connected both-ways to each and every person on your profile. Automated follow tools help you save a lot of time which you’d have to spend otherwise. All you have to do is find a quality third-party app, provide it your Twitter credentials and it would do the rest.

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