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AutotweeterPro - small but serves its purpose.

posted Jan 15, 2012, 4:13 AM by tito c
I recently conducted a customer satisfaction survey. The survey results made me so happy because my customers were happy too with the AutoTweeterPro software product.Here are the some features which made them happy.

1. AutotweeterPro works everytime ! . 

Many customers had a bad time using other autotweeters which stopped working every now and then , and some of them had their twitter accounts banned because of using spurious techniques employed by many fancy autotweeters.

2. Less features , but the ones which are present works perfectly.

Many customers were lured into using many kinds of twitter automation tools which promised them to do things which are impossible.Many features as such never worked and some customers lost money in purchasing such tools.My customers were of the opinion that , AutotweeterPro do not have many features to boast about , but the ones which are there are in perfect working condition and are the most useful features.AutotweeterPro does what it is supposed to do , autotweeter 24x7 , and it serves it purpose.The two extra features like URL shortening and TwitPic upload is also used by many customers for their personal usage.

3. Only one time payment and they could own the software for lifetime.

AutotweeterPro has a lifetime single license model.There are no renewals or subscriptions. Many web based autotweeters has a monthly subscription which can lead to a big amount within some months. 

4. Last but not the least - Excellent customer support.

Though AutoTweeterPro is a one man owned company , I always find time to reply for the customer support emails as soon as possible,this has resulted in many happy customers.