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AutoTweeterPro can now shorten URLs too !

posted Oct 17, 2011, 12:00 PM by tito c
Importance of url shortening while Autotweeting. Getting engaged with your twitter followers can be done with AutoTweeterPro , but how do track it ? How do you know if your followers have really seen your tweets , your tweets most likely will be promoting a product or service which will have a URL.So users will be clicking that URL. So inorder to track if the users click on the URL , you can use the useful URL shortening service provided by . Here the extra feature of AutotweeterPro comes into play, you need not goto website to shorten your URL everytime, the functionality is built right into AutoTweeterPro , just enter the long URL to shorten to AutoTweeterPro and click the shorten button and voila , the URL is shortened within seconds from and it will be shown for you to use it in your tweets !! . 

We personally think this would be a great feature for our users and we integrated this URL shortened right into AutoTweeterPro. Hope you all will like the new feature. Please note that this URL shortening feature is available only in full version.

Shorten URLs with AutoTweeterPro