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AutoTweeterPro is getting immensely popular over other ' tweet schedulers '

posted Dec 31, 2011, 8:05 PM by tito c
We are very happy to announce that AutoTweeterPro is getting immensely popular over the internet , its not that there are other tweet schedulers available over the internet , its only because only a few of them really does the tweet scheduling properly. Apart from other tweet schedulers which offer many features  , we offer only what the software does the best , schedule the tweets and nothing else. The software does the job of scheduling your tweets excellently.

While other tweet schedulers offer many features apart from autotweeting , which never really works , customers who paid a heft amount for those features feel cheated by the advertised product. We thought of keeping the software minimal and has only three features !  

1. Schedule the tweets from an excel file.
2. Shorten URLs using
3. Upload images to

We think these are the only features a real twitter marketing person needs in the case of autotweeting . If they need to build up followers , they can use our other tool called TwitterAutofollower , which is again a simply autofollowing tool , which can make you a lot of followers within a short span of time.