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AutotweeterPro packaged with an installer.

posted Jan 15, 2012, 4:00 AM by tito c
AutotweeterPro was distributed as a zipped file since two years.Recently I came across something called NSIS.Its an open source software packaging system.You can get more information from the NSIS website here. AutotweeterPro needs Java runtime environment to run,many customers do not have Java installed in their computers.This made it difficult for the customers to use AutoTweeterPro.

With the new installation packaging created with NSIS , the AutotweeterPro installer takes care of detecting Java and installing it if it is not present in the customer's computer.As with any standard installation procedure,the installer will create desktop shortcuts and start menu items.I have also included an uninstaller which can be used to completely remove AutoTweeterPro from the computer.I really hope these steps will surely enhance customer experience of installing,configuring and uninstalling AutoTweeterPro.

A big thanks goes to NSIS team for creating such a wonderful installer script which is very useful for small software vendors like me,who cannot afford commercial expensive install makers.