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AutotweeterPro version 4 released

posted Dec 1, 2013, 11:46 AM by tito c
It is a happy moment for me to announce the AutotweeterPro version 4. This version is very special because , I have removed the excel sheet tweeting option. There is a new screen called Manage Tweets where you can add/update/delete the autotweets.Many of my customers were not using excel sheet because of expensive microsoft office license.Now everyone can use AutotweeterPro without an excel sheet. The main features are listed below.

1. No more excel sheet needed to preset the autotweets , "You can manage autotweets using the Manage Autotweets window now.
2. All the autotweets will be send out in a random manner rather than a sequential manner.
3. User friendly icons added.
4. Twitter account verification and validation features added to help users connect their twitter account with AutotweeterPro.
5. Various number of bug fixes and friendly error messages for users.