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AutotweeterPro wins the race handsdown

posted Oct 3, 2013, 8:42 PM by tito c
We have conducted a recent survey with our existing customer base, most of our customers use one or more social media management tools for their business.Many are using some of our competitor softwares too.Even though they use many softwares which are advanced and have many more features, they simply love AutotweeterPro for its simplicity in scheduling the tweets.

One of the customer's say " AutotweeterPro simply works"  , I setup tweets in an excel sheets and thats it. 

Many of the online and advanced softwares requires you to undergo a certain level of configurations before you can schedule your tweets and most of them imposes a limit on the number of autotweets that you can sent or even on the number of schedules for a day. AutotweeterPro wins hands down in these cases.Sending automated tweets is as easy as setting up future tweets in an excel sheet and you are ready !