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Bulk follow people on twitter using automatic follow tools

posted Nov 27, 2012, 3:11 AM by tito c

Given the significant of Twitter in the social media, using it to market and advertise your products can be very advantageous for your brand. However, you need to have a fair-sized audience before you are able to do so.

To garner followers on Twitter, you must follow a few cardinal rules. Tweet interesting and engrossing content, interact with people who follow you often and try to use the trending hashtags once in a while. Moreover, the one rule that you must never forget is that try to follow every person who follows you.

The very reason you should do so is that when you follow a person, he knows that you wish to interact with him and he is cognizant of the fact. However, following back all such people who follow you on Twitter can be a problem. That is why the role of automated follow tools come in.

Twitter allows third-party apps to perform mass follow-back on a given profile by making use of its API. This means that with the help of automated tools, you can only follow such people in bulk who are following you. In this way, you keep make sure that you are connected both-ways to each and every person on your profile. Automated follow tools help you save a lot of time which you’d have to spend otherwise. All you have to do is find a quality third-party app, provide it your Twitter credentials and it would do the rest.