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How to increase your popularity on twitter and gain more followers?

posted Mar 15, 2012, 10:51 AM by tito c

In order to increase the number of followers on twitter, you can adopt the random ‘brute-force’ method of following a lot of people and get followed by some in return. But this may not get you the real followers. It is probable that most of them will not read your posts. So, how to get the real followers on twitter?

To gain more genuine followers on twitter, you must try to increase your popularity by interacting regularly with people. However, interaction does not mean that you should start blowing your own horn. You must rather look for things in which others are really interested. You can post important news and useful updates relating to your field and encourage people to re-tweet them. For this, you can start re-tweeting others’ posts creatively and people may follow suit and return the favor. However, for your posts to be re-tweeted properly, you must keep them as short as possible, so that people may add their comments to it and re-tweet with your user name included. You can use twitter aiding services like URL shortening and picture attachment etc. Also ensure a prompt acknowledgement to the re-tweeters of your posts and reply to direct messages. Do not forget to appreciate others’ tweets as well. You can offer expert advice in your field to help people on twitter. Provide appropriate answers to the questions posted on other blogs and discussion forums and include your twitter username with these, so that people may follow you for further information. You must also consider posting unique, interesting and entertaining stuffs like a picture, a joke, a motivational incident etc. from time to time. And, when you see a new follower in your list, do not forget to start off with a nicely drafted welcome message.