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How to use tweet scheduling software / tools effectively to be popular in twitter?

posted Mar 15, 2012, 10:52 AM by tito c

Twitter, a micro-blogging site, was launched in 2006 with a view to provide SMS like services on the Internet. Over time, it has evolved as one of the prominent social networking sites with a lot of potential for approaching a large number of persons. Nowadays, there are a host of associated services available to aid you on this. One of them is a tweet scheduling software. Tweet scheduling software are best for the people who may not find much time to spend on twitter but still want to be connected with people and increase their popularity. 

To be popular on a social networking site, obviously, requires regular conversation with other people. Using the tweet scheduling software, a person can manage several accounts and schedule his tweets (or re-tweets) for a day, week or for several months even and post about general topics that are of interest to people at large and make them participate in it. This helps you in attracting people from all over the world to your posts, even when you are asleep, however, you must take care not to overload them with too many tweets. Otherwise, they may start ignoring your tweets or at worse may even un-follow you.

 These tweet scheduling software come with a lot of analytical features as well. Most of these are designed to know how your tweets on different topics are doing. How many times are they re-tweeted, in what regions they are becoming the most popular and even the best time for you to tweet. Accordingly, you may choose your topics, aim your audience and decide on timings. If you have added hash-tags to your tweets, you may even see the discussions going on and pick ideas for your next tweets.