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Mandatory upgrade of AutotweeterPro - new version released on 06/16/2013

posted Jun 16, 2013, 6:54 PM by tito c
As you might know , twitter has made a lot of changes to their third party API since month of June. All users of AutotweeterPro will see a message as below :

{"errors}:[{"message":"The Twitter REST APIv1 is no longer active. Please migrate to APIv1.1.", "code":69}]}

We have updated AutotweeterPro to work with the new changes made by twitter , All the existing installation of AutotweeterPro in your computers will stop working. You will have to download the updated version from our website. See the sidebar in this page to download AutotweeterPro. 

Please note that this upgrade is free and existing paid customers need not pay any charges. Here are the steps for doing the update. 

Steps to update.

1. Take a copy of the existing excel sheet in which you have the tweets into some other folder.

2. Take a copy of the file into some other folder.

[ for select customers who have a file atp.lic , please take a backup of the atp.lic file into some other folder,not all customers have this file,so do not worry if you do not have this file ]

3. Now simply delete the entire folder where the old AutotweeterPro exists.There is no un-installation,simply deleting the folder will remove AutotweeterPro from your computer.

4. Download the new version from  , fill the download form and the download link will be emailed to you.Download version by clicking the download link.

5. Extract the AutotweeterProSetup.exe into any folder of your choice.

6. Now replace the backed up excel sheet , file , and atp.lic ( if you have one ) to the newly installed AutotweeterPro folder.

7. Now click StartAutotweeterPro.exe blue icon.

8. Your upgrade is complete.

For full version customers, there is no registration to full version needed , if you are using the new version in the same computer you have registered the old version.