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Marketing brands on twitter using automation techniques

posted Nov 27, 2012, 3:15 AM by tito c

Twitter is one of the major social networks on the web right now and in terms of real-time interactions, it even beats the social media giant, Facebook. Given its nature, interactions as well as marketing is far more quick and efficient on Twitter. If a tweet is interesting and catchy, it starts doing rounds on Twitter in no time.

Given this nature of Twitter, the platform is perfect for brand advertisement and marketing. However, there are certain pre-requisites before you reach a point where you can effectively market your brand on the site. For instance, you need a lot of followers. And though there are ways to buy fake followers on Twitter, that’s certainly not worth it.

You need to get real followers and to achieve that, you will have to tweet such content which is interesting, occasionally funny and all the same, captures the interests of other users. You also need to interact with others users often. Retweet relevant content, mention other users and talk to them about your brand.

Use of hashtags is also critically important. It is like a shortcut to make your content rival. Generate an interesting hashtag and it goes viral in no time. And if you are the one to start it, you get a huge number of mentions and retweets, which would mean more exposure for your brand and more followers. These techniques will help you expand the scope of your audience on Twitter and thus, get the word about your brand to a greater number of people.