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Tweet scheduling and its advantage in marketing.

posted Nov 27, 2012, 3:17 AM by tito c

Twitter is fast becoming the central hub of marketing in the world of social media. Given the immense popularity of the micro-blogging website, it is no wonder that brands and companies are lining up to have their sponsored ads dished out in 140 characters.

While there is certainly a lot of potential for a brand to gain traction, and a lot of followers, through Twitter, the right tools have to be used to accomplish this. And this is where the role of automated tools for twitter marketing comes in.

If you manually try to build an audience on Twitter, it can take a whole lot of time. You will need one person wholly dedicated to the task which is a rather inefficient use of resources. With automated tools, though, you simply have to provide initial details and your preferences and the tools do the rest of the work.

Typically, when using automated tools for twitter marketing, you have a dashboard from where you direct your marketing campaigns. A number of such tools are available online, such as Hootsuite, Bufferapp , AutotweeterPro etc. With these tools, you are able to gather content from multiple sources, such as your blogs, websites etc and direct them to your Twitter profile.

For instance, an automated tools-suite can automatically generate and tweet every time you post a new entry on your blog, including a link to the very post. This not only makes the use of automated tools very time-saving but also helps you focus the right content at your Twitter audience and help succeed your marketing campaigns.