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Why and How should you use AutoTweeterPro.

posted Sep 5, 2011, 4:35 AM by tito c   [ updated Sep 5, 2011, 5:17 AM ]

Advertisers can make money on twitter using AutoTweeter

Advertisers have started using AutoTweeter as one of the ways to monetize twitter.Using AutoTweeter, advertisers can tweet promotional automatic tweets about new offers and thus gain customers for the products.If you have a product and want to popularize it in twitter,the tool you can use is AutoTweeter,because AutoTweeter can tweet the same contents again and again at certain time intervals,you can find audience for your tweets as twitter follows a river based time line.AutoTweeter is easy to use and it really works.You can be sure that your international customers will see the tweet in their timeline if you tweet on a specific time or schedule.

How to make money on twitter using AutoTweeter

Yes, you can make money on twitter by tweeting,there are various twitter monetization websites which pays you some cents for each tweet you make with a specific tweet you tweet.But you may have to tweet it at a specified time and also tweet at specific intervals.Just for earning some cents do you need to waste your time sitting and tweeting while you can do other works ? . This is the point where AutoTweeter comes into play.Just tweet the paid tweets and schedule the money making tweets with autotweeter and let it do the tweeting for you.You can concentrate on your work while autotweeter tweets on your behalf and makes money on twitter.Remember if each of your tweets costs 10 cents.Then you get 1 dollar within 10 minutes.And 6 dollar for tweeting for one hour.And within four hours autotweeter can make you the money you used to purchase this automatic tweeting software ! . So this is how you can make money on twitter by just sending out tweets.I wont point out the website which pays you for tweeting,but there are some websites which even pays for a single tweet.All these also depends on your twitter reputation.So do not spam twitter with your automated tweets.But use autotweeter wisely for earning money from the tweets you post automatically to twitter.

Sending out tweets while you sleep.

Why does anyone wants to tweet while they are sleeping ? . Well , twitter’s reach is global,you might have a lot of followers who are distributed geographically around the globe,so your sleep time might be their wake up time (tweet time).If you want your tweets to be shown on their wake-up time timeline,you have to automate your tweets while you sleep !. If not,your tweets might go unnoticed in their timeline.Autotweeter makes you tweets all the time,infinitely and unlimited.Thus you are the superstar tweeter who doesn’t sleep.