Prerequisite for using  AutoTweeterPro - Java installation steps.

AutotweeterPro needs Java  for execution . Most computers comes pre installed with Java.If Java is not present in your computer , you can download and install Java  by following the below instructions.Java is a free software framework.There is no cost involved in downloading,installing Java .You can install Java framework within  2 minutes.

How to install Java in your computer ?

How to check if my computer has Java installed  ?

Before installing Java , please check whether your computer already has Java.Just click the below link and it will tell you if your computer has Java installed.

Click here to check if your computer has Java installed.

If  your  computer has  java installed,you can see the below screen in your browser.If it shows your computer do not have Java , follow the steps mentioned below to install java.

Java needed for AutoTweeterPro
Java installation steps.

Java is a free software , you need not pay for it.So simply download & install Java following  the steps below.

1. Download the free java from

2. Run the downloaded installation and follow the installer wizard instructions for installation.

3. After the Java installation is  complete , click here to verify if  your computer has Java installed successfully.

4. Now you can double click  StartAutoTweeterPro.exe and  run AutoTweeterPro.