> Does Autotweeter need my twitter password ?

    No , autotweeter do not need your twitter password.Twitter has Oauth mechanism with which AutoTweeter can tweet to your twitter timeline.The consumer keys and access token from your twitter account is needed by AutoTweeterPro to tweet. You can either go to Getting started steps or watch a Video demo on how to get the consumer keys from twitter.

> How many tweets can autotweeter send ?

    Practically unlimited tweets , it will send as many tweets as you can setup the preset list of tweets.If you enable repeat tweets option , AutotweeterPro will repeat the tweet cycle infinite number of times.

> Can I repeat the same tweets once my tweeting round is finished ?

    Yes , AutoTweeter has a repeat tweets option. If you tick this option,AutoTweeter will run unlimitedly 24x7.This feature is available only in full version.

 I have more than one twitter account , can I use multiple account in AutoTweeterPro ?

  Yes , if you want to use another account,simply copy paste the AutoTweeterPro folder and configure it for the next account and so on.

> Can I run multiple instances of AutoTweeterPro with different accounts ?

    Yes , you have to start multiple instance to run multiple accounts.

> Can I run AutoTweeterPro in web ?

    No , AutoTweeter is a desktop application  , you can run AutoTweeter in your own computer.

 I am using Linux , Mac operating systems , will AutoTweeterPro work in those ?

    No , AutoTweeter works only in Windows Operating system.

 How can I schedule my tweets ?

    You can schedule tweets in a time interval . There is a minimum and maximum range. AutoTweeter pick a random time in minutes from these ranges for each auto tweets.

> Will AutoTweeter run non stop tweet scheduling ?

    Yes, AutoTweeter can run non-stop unless you shutdown your computer. The repeat tweets option makes AutoTweeter tweet unlimited 24x7.

 Where can I specify my autotweets ?

    You can enter your tweets in a simple text file using Windows Notepad , each tweet should be in a newline.Then select the text file in AutotweeterPro and AutotweeterPro will start sending tweets by reading the tweets line by line from the text file.There is also a sample text file which contains some tweets provided along with the download for your reference.

> Some error shows up when I try to tweet as " Read Only application cannot POST "

   This happens because you have given only read access permission in twitter applications page. Please ensure you give both readn and write access for the application you have registered inorder for AutoTweeter to work properly.

> Authentication credentials missing errors shows up when I try to AutoTweet.

  Check whether the consumer keys you specified are correct,in order to avoid any mistake use copy paste to paste the consumer keys to the Autotweeter application window.Dont forget to click Save button.