1. Downloading.

2. Installing.

Extract AutoTweeterPro software into a folder of your choice.There is no installation needed for AutoTweeterPro.

3. Pre requisites.
1. You should have a twitter account.Click here to signup if you do not have a twitter account.
2. Microsoft Windows operating system based computer.

4. Starting the AutoTweeterPro.

Simply double click the blue T icon that you see in your desktop as a shortcut. If you using a trial version , a trial version message will be shown , click "Continue Trial" to get the AutoTweeter dashboard window. You can either minimize the window or close the window. Closing the window will get autotweet minimized to your system tray. If you want to exit the program , click on the system tray menu and select Quit option.

5. Getting consumer keys from twitter.

You must obtain something called consumer keys and access tokens from twitter in order to grant permission to AutoTweeterPro to access your account.There is no password needed for AutoTweeterPro to work with your twitter ID.This is an important step and should be done to get authorization from your twitter account for AutoTweeter to tweet. 

You need to get four ( 4 ) keys from twitter.Getting these keys is an easy task and it will take only 2 minutes for this activity.

1. Consumer Key. 
2. Consumer secret.   
3. Access Token.  
4. Access Token Secret.  
Also you should give read/write permission for application you registered with twitter.

Please watch the slide show which shows you how to get the keys from your twitter account.

Getting the consumer keys from twitter - Slideshow tutorial

Getting Keys from Twitter